Eye on the Sky ~ Finding the Ranch

By Heidi Soehren

StehekinLast evening I looked up Stehekin on Google Maps! Here is what I found:


•type Stehekin, Washington in the search box, click search maps

• in the upper right of map I liked viewing “Satellite” – “show labels”

• and under “More” click on photos

• have fun spying on us!

The terrain map is interesting as well. But it is informative for our guests to move the map using the upper left arrows and follow the road from the Landing to the Ranch which is the unmistakable large green pasture land by the river. For our hikers and horseback riders you can follow the trails to Cascade Pass or Rainy Pass on Highway 20.

Today I had a guest on the phone from South Carolina. He has never traveled to Eastern Washington, and I told him to follow this satellite view from Chelan all the way uplake to the Ranch. He loved it! Hope you find the Ranch on GoogleMaps.