Fire News

On Thursday, a fire was started in the vicinity of the Rainbow Creek drainage. Locals have joined with fire crews to act quickly to keep the fire away from all structures in the valley.

The Ranch is not currently in danger, and with the prevailing downlake wind pattern, we have stayed clear of the smoke most of the time. The picture below was taken yesterday at the Ranch.

We will try to keep this blog updated as new information becomes available. You can also follow this fire on

Blue skies at the Ranch with the smoke plume in the Background

Seattle PI article Re: The Stehekin Road

For those of you interested in the status of our road to Cottonwood – here is a brief update. Senator Maria Cantwell is coming to Stehekin today, along with several other key players in the debate. They will be hiking up to the road site, as well as getting briefed on all aspects of the issue.

Below, you will find a link to an article written in the Seattle PI as well.

Want more parks? Let our people in! by Joel Connelly

Moose!! In the pasture?

I was enjoying a nice chat with some early rising guests this morning over coffee, when all of a sudden, one of them stood up and exclaimed, “There’s a moose out there!”

Obviously, since we don’t have moose around here, I thought to myself, “Yeah, right. It is probably a deer or something.” But, I did turn around and take a look just to humor them…

Sure enough, big as life, there was a moose in the pasture! He was probably only a yearling, with a very small rack. In fact, from a distance, it was difficult to tell that he had one at all until he turned his head.

In my 7 years here, this is the first moose I have even heard of this far up valley. Every couple years or so, someone spots a lone moose down by the head of the lake, but they are definitely a rare sight in the valley. It was a great treat for those of us that got up early!

(Unfortunately, it did not stick around long enough for me to track down a camera, but a couple guests did manage to get photos. If they send them back to me I will post them!)