Fire Update 8/4/10

I have been told that there is still much concern down lake about the fire here in Stehekin. Word is that the news stations are acting like the entire valley is on fire. Not true!

The Rainbow Bridge fire is not currently a threat to the Stehekin Valley. It has moved uphill, and away from the valley floor. All businesses in the valley are still open. Rainbow Falls Tours have resumed. Activities are going on as normal.

The Ranch has remained in the clear throughout. We haven’t had much smoke (99.9% of the time we have been completely smoke-free.) I have included a couple pictures I took from our pasture this morning, as I have had multiple requests asking for pictures. I have to admit, I have not been very inspired to take pictures, as there hasn’t been much of interest to photograph. We have just had normal looking summer days (With occasional rain/thunderstorms).

It rained another half inch last night, which is always good news for firefighters. We continue to feel blessed, and thank everyone for all their prayers during this incident.

For up to date information about the progress on containing this fire, you can go to the Incident Information Page.

Fire Update – 8/1/10

We had over an inch of rain last night, and it was a very welcome blessing! While the fire is not out, the rain has suppressed it quite a bit, making it much easier for firefighters to get in and surround it.

The valley floor and structures are no longer in immediate threat. The Ranch has continued to stay completely clear of the fire.

There is still some cloud cover in the area, and temperatures are in the mid 70’s.

River rafting, horseback riding and kayak tours are still available, and most trails in the area are still open. The Bakery is still open as well!