Stehekin – the jewel of the North Cascades

Recently, we had a travel writer visit Stehekin, and she wrote an article about her stay in our neck of the woods. Here is a link to the article found in the Woodenville Weekly. Enjoy!

Stehekin – the jewel of the North Cascades












A Splash of News

“When I grow up I want to live at Stehekin”  – Ben  (Ranch Guest, 6 years old)

Highlighted Activities and Events

The river is high and the holes big.

The snow melt has made for an unusually exciting June and is still going strong for July. Looking up there is still plenty of snow to melt to make for an amazing season of rafting. For those of us who live to be on the river, this year has had some ideal conditions and looks promising to stay put for a nice season into mid-August. However, you never know what the weather will do. Get here while the water’s good!

Spin Spin Spin!

Last weekend was our annual spinning weekend where wool went flying and yarn was spun. Wheels turned impressively and in their spare time they worked in some other great arts and crafts projects. See this picture of this group making necklaces from cut up old shirts. How creative!

Flora and Fauna Sightings

Wild flowers are out in storm. On a hike up to Agnes Gorge we seemed to see a new beautiful and unique flower every two minutes and we kept stopping for pictures making our hike a bit longer than planned. In the last week I’ve personally seen osprey, several bald eagles, what we think was a baby river otter, numerous deer, a black bear and a cougar! Pictures of these have been more difficult than the sightings so you’ll have to come and see for yourself.