It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…snow?

After 2 months of Spring-like weather clearing most of the snow here in Stehekin, the fluffy white stuff is once again falling from the sky. Daffodils had started to pop up, and folks have been getting their gardens cleaned up and ready to go. From the looks of things 2 days ago, you would have thought it was April. Now there is an inch or two of snow covering the ground. Kind of pretty, but I’m pretty sure winter is supposed to come BEFORE spring…oh well!

Blue Skies and Sparkling Snow

Here are a few photos I’ve collected over the past few weeks. It has been feeling a bit like Spring around here – hard to believe it is still January! While it has been a light snow year so far, there has still been enough to get out and enjoy on skis and snowshoes!


Finally! It is snowing! While we had a couple days of snow in early November, it rapidly melted away, and we have been waiting for the “real” snow ever since. I think it might actually be here now! It has been snowing off and on for a couple days now, and it is beautifully white and clean outside.

Some people around here are a real drag when it comes to snow, but I think it is grand! Everything becomes suddenly¬†pure and clean and bright, and it is always fun to play in! Of course, it can always create a bit more of a challenge for driving, but with the snow plows out doing their job, it is usually not too bad. Worse case scenario – I might have to ski to my destination. Somehow, that doesn’t sound all bad either!

Here are a few pictures from today. More pretty snow pictures later….

Freezing Temps = Amazing Ice

Along with the rest of the northwest, Stehekin has been COLD lately! You might think there is little good about such frigidly cold temperatures, but as I was out for a brisk (aka. moving rapidly in an attempt to stay warmish) walk last week, I took some pictures of the stunning arrays of ice that have built up around here…Enjoy!

Wildlife in the Valley

A Buck in Buckner Orchard

With the days slowing down, and the tourist traffic dwindling away for the winter, the wildlife are starting to show up here in the valley. I went down to Buckner Orchard today, to see who I could find. I saw 2 bucks and a doe munching on the fallen apples. Their winter coats are thickening up, and they were enjoying the chow too much to be afraid of me.

Next, I went down to the Lake, where I found some beautiful swans. They have been coming every winter here for a while now, and it is always fun to go see how many you can count out there. They just arrived a week or 2 ago, so they are not out in full force yet, but I spotted 9 so far. Last year there were almost 30!

With elk season being over, I’m told they are roaming the upper valley now. Logan spotted about 12 in his headlights as he pulled into the Ranch the other night. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a picture soon and post that. Elk are truly stunning to look at!

Mark saw a bobcat, and several dogs have found some local skunks. The squirrels are busy as ever, and there are always all sorts of birds out on the water of the Lake this time of year. With less people around to bother them, all the critters of the forest come on out, and it sure is fun to see them!