Stehekin – the jewel of the North Cascades

Recently, we had a travel writer visit Stehekin, and she wrote an article about her stay in our neck of the woods. Here is a link to the article found in the Woodenville Weekly. Enjoy!

Stehekin – the jewel of the North Cascades












What’s going on around here…?

Well, at the Ranch itself…not much…yet. But…the Stehekin Valley is starting its slow spring warm-up. The snow is pretty much all melted away (despite the fact that as I sit here writing this the sky is trying to spit some small white flakes at us), and spring clean-up projects are starting to be the order of business.

Horses are becoming a regular topic of disscussion, and while the main herd will not arrive back in the valley until late May, many of the locals are busy making plans to bring their personal horses uplake on the next barge.

Rainbow Falls

We are also starting to see more tourists in the valley. Stehekin Landing Resort has opened their kitchen units for the season. With the Lady of the Lake boat running daily now, folks are able to travel on a more convenient schedule.

The Rainbow Falls Tour Bus is once again running as well, providing a nice tour of the lower valley during the Lady Express’s 1 hour layover. Whether just coming up for the day, or staying overnight, this is a great way to learn a little bit about the lower valley and some of it’s unique history.

Freezing Temps = Amazing Ice

Along with the rest of the northwest, Stehekin has been COLD lately! You might think there is little good about such frigidly cold temperatures, but as I was out for a brisk (aka. moving rapidly in an attempt to stay warmish) walk last week, I took some pictures of the stunning arrays of ice that have built up around here…Enjoy!