Leaves, leaves, and more leaves!

leaves_1737webThis was leaves cleanup week at the Ranch! Kerry did the lion’s share of the raking, but on Wednesday Bethany and Bren picked up their rakes to help out. It is great to be nestled in a wonderful maple grove…until it is time to deal with the leaves…

leaves_1739webLuckily, we have a loader to help with hauling them all off! They will be added to our compost and eventually used in our various gardens and orchards to help grow fresh fruits and vegetables to serve at the Ranch.


Waking up the Ranch

With all the spring-like weather we have been enjoying, we are getting an early start on fixing the Ranch up for another season. Given the large number of ideas Cliff &n Kerry have for improvements, we are going to need the extra time!

Step 1: De-winterize. To keep the snow from destroying buildings (and windows), we put up plywood each Fall. So the first step in the Spring is to take down all the boards and plywood. Once that is done, the real fun can begin!

Now that we have access to all the buildings, we can proceed with our spring projects. Stay tuned for updates on improvements for 2015!