Cowboy Coffee

This blog was submitted by Heidi Seohren after her son Christopher recently visited the Ranch…

Photo by Christopher Soehren
Photo by Christopher Soehren

My son Christopher grew up in Seattle. Coffee grew up in Seattle too – Starbuck’s, Tully’s, Seattle’s Best and all the other “special roasts”. Today, the coffeehouse is a refuge for him, as he travels across the states as a pilot.

But in the heat of this summer, Christopher headed to the Stehekin Valley Ranch. Lake Chelan is his “second home” and he had a date for Ranch lunch that was not to be missed.

The trip uplake in our boat, gorgeous clear waters, breathtaking peaks and that wonderful smell of the North Cascades forests – all the reasons any of us travel to Stehekin! He and his girlfriend popped their bikes on the bus, relaxed on the ride up the Valley watching the sparkling River run past.

So what did you do when you got there? I always ask. Was lunch great? The Ranch busy? Guests happy? Take some photos for me? I answer the phones for Ranch Reservations, so of course want a full report.

The answer? Great coffee! Chris says he just doesn’t know how they do it – the fire was going, Cookhouse food smelled great – but you know it’s all about the coffee. The best in the World – he claims!

Cowboy Coffee, the water, the beans, the open fire – and let’s throw in the Ranch too, you are there, and the brew is the best ever. . . . . . . . .

I’ll tell the guests.

Heidi j @ Reservations

Awe-inspiring Horseback Riding

Guide Katie with Agnes Mountain in the Background
Guide Katie with Agnes Mountain in the Background

Many people that visit the Ranch are interested in taking a horseback ride on one of our Norwegian Fjord Horses. Some guests who recently went on a ride with us sent some pictures back of the ride. It was a beautiful day, and they got some spectacular pictures!

Riders winding through the woods on the trail to Coon Lake
Riders winding through the woods on the trail to Coon Lake

The dayride leaves Stehekin Valley Ranch twice a day and travels along mountain trails to Coon Lake. Along the way, riders get wonderful views of the surrounding mountains, as well as the Stehekin River Valley. The trail winds through forested areas as well as sunny mountainside slopes.

The horses are very sure-footed as they pick their way along the route, leaving their riders free to enjoy the scenery!

Upon arriving at Coon Lake, everyone gets to dismount and stretch their legs. You can go on down see the beautiful mountain lake before it is time to climb back on your trusty steed and head back to the Ranch.

Cost for this great trip is $50/person. Visit for more information.

Coon Lake
Coon Lake

Glacier Tours by Chelan Seaplanes

Yesterday I had the good luck to get a seat on a Glacier Tour by Chelan Seaplanes! The 1 hour flight onboard their floatplane was spectacular! We flew past Holden Villiage, and right up to Bonanza Peak. The flight then proceeded west and we had great views of Glacier Peak, Mt. Baker (in the distance), Cascade Pass, McGregor Mountain, and…well, the list seems endless! We cruised back down the Stehekin River Valley, and right over the top of Stehekin Valley Ranch. I’ve posted some pictures from our tour below.

This is a great trip if you are looking to add a little something special to your vacation! They also offer shorter scenic flights, as well as passenger service between Chelan and Stehekin. Contact Chelan Seaplanes for more information or to make a reservation: