Waking up the Ranch

With all the spring-like weather we have been enjoying, we are getting an early start on fixing the Ranch up for another season. Given the large number of ideas Cliff &n Kerry have for improvements, we are going to need the extra time!

Step 1: De-winterize. To keep the snow from destroying buildings (and windows), we put up plywood each Fall. So the first step in the Spring is to take down all the boards and plywood. Once that is done, the real fun can begin!

Now that we have access to all the buildings, we can proceed with our spring projects. Stay tuned for updates on improvements for 2015!

Save Big on Opening Weekend!

CS dockOpening Weekend
(June 13-16, 2015)

Join us as we open the Ranch for another awesome season in Stehekin! We want you to be able to get on up here and start enjoying your vacation sooner than later, so we are joining with Chelan Seaplanes to offer a great vacation package.

Try our 4-day Opening Weekend Package & SAVE up to $155. Plus we take care of all your bookings for you!

Fly in with Chelan Seaplanes. Take a kayak tour on Lake Chelan. You’ll also enjoy a relaxing stay at Stehekin Valley Ranch, with great access to trails and all activities. All meals and in-valley transportation are included too. 
Click here to go to our website for more details or to book your vacation.