Finally! It is snowing! While we had a couple days of snow in early November, it rapidly melted away, and we have been waiting for the “real” snow ever since. I think it might actually be here now! It has been snowing off and on for a couple days now, and it is beautifully white and clean outside.

Some people around here are a real drag when it comes to snow, but I think it is grand! Everything becomes suddenly¬†pure and clean and bright, and it is always fun to play in! Of course, it can always create a bit more of a challenge for driving, but with the snow plows out doing their job, it is usually not too bad. Worse case scenario – I might have to ski to my destination. Somehow, that doesn’t sound all bad either!

Here are a few pictures from today. More pretty snow pictures later….

Freezing Temps = Amazing Ice

Along with the rest of the northwest, Stehekin has been COLD lately! You might think there is little good about such frigidly cold temperatures, but as I was out for a brisk (aka. moving rapidly in an attempt to stay warmish) walk last week, I took some pictures of the stunning arrays of ice that have built up around here…Enjoy!